Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Done!

I finished my last final of the semester today. Oh happy day! No more chemistry or biology or anything related to them! Too bad for my roommates that they still have until tomorrow... hahaha!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I highly suggest it!

On Saturday, Brock came up to the beautiful town of Flag for a visit. We had been planning on going and watching a movie but were still undecided over which one. Our original plans were to go see "4 Christmases" but we had a few people tell us that it was "dumb and disappointing." Therefore, we chose to watch "Australia!" And oh my, was it a wonderful choice!!!!

The movie was a perfect combination of action, comedy, drama, and most importantly romance! The story was pretty easy to follow and very interesting. I love Nicole Kidman. I thinks she's an amazing actress and down-right gorgeous. She was incredible in this movie! And then there's the hunky Hugh Jackman! No words to explain him besides dreamy... but it was these two together that truly made the movie! I will admit, I cried. I wasn't crying my eyes out, but there were tears running down my cheeks. So anyways, there's my little review of "Australia" and I highly suggest it to anyone! Me, Brock, Ashley, and Ivan all went. We all have different movie interests, yet we all loved this movie. The only warning I would give is that this movie is close to 3 hours. It goes by pretty fast when you're watching it, but be warned. I would suggest not taking any kids so you can fully enjoy this movie instead of splitting your time between movie and crowd control. So there you go!! I tried to put the movie trailer on here, but alas, I failed. Hope on over to youtube and check it out!!