Saturday, October 31, 2009

coolest halloween surprise. ever.

tonight is halloween. no we did not dress up. couple of reasons
1. there was fall sing today at 2
2. there was a tailgate party today at 5
3. the homecoming football game was tonight at 6
4. it was a pretty busy day (in case you couldn't tell)
5. we didn't have any good ideas for costumes.

anyway, after the football game we went to a "block party" at goodman's apartments. (for those of you who don't know, goodman's houses only girls) that turned out to be super lame so we decided to go home and watch hercules. so we're chillin with good ole herc and we hear a knock on the door. we opened the door and saw... a door. on that door was a sign. "please knock." well, at first we were kinda worried. was this a trick? or just trick-or-treaters?" either choice would be disastrous since no one likes being tricked and we didn't have any candy for trick-or-treaters. we knocked nonetheless. the door opened and we saw two boys from our ward (sorry boys, but we don't know your names!) they were dressed up like little old grandma ladies. robes, rollers, and all. natalie told them that we didn't have any candy, but they just kept on jabbering, just like little old grandmas do. they were holding up a bowl with candy in it and it finally dawned on us. THEY WERE GIVING US CANDY. they gave us each a handful, told us that our costumes (pajamas) were marvelous, and advised us to have a safe and happy halloween. then their door closed and so did ours, and i almost died laughing. best halloween moment of 09. hands down.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

we're willing to sign some autographs...

yesterday we became famous.


you can check us out here.

ok here's the story. Natalies' cousin sara needed some practice for her photography business. she told nats that she needed some people who were willing to be models for a day and do a free photo shoot. huge sacrifice on our parts... ok not really. SO FUN! anywho, check us out. admire us. tawni and i will be in joe town this weekend if anyone wants a signed picture or anything.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Utah Trip

I went up to Utah last wednesday through saturday and had tons of fun! Dearest mother of mine is demanding that I post pictures from my adventure so here you go! They all uploaded in the complete wrong order and I'm too lazy to change it so you get my adventure in reverse. OH and some pictures are sideways. Yet again, I'm too lazy to change them, sorry.

Saturday afternoon, we hiked Mt. Timpanogos on a trail that lead us to Stewart Falls. It was GORGEOUS!!! we picked the best time ever to hike because the leaves are changing and falling and it was just breath taking. These pictures definately don't do it justice but at least you get an inkling of how beautiful it was!

On Friday, DJ took me up to Salt Lake City to see temple square since I've never been there!!! WHat a wonderful brother I have! Temple square is amazing. As soon as I set foot on the grounds I felt the spirit. I loved every second of it and everything I saw! I took a bizillion pictures, but I only put up a few. We saw about 7 weddings while we walked around the temple, Craziness!! It was very busy there since conference was the next day but I sure enjoyed my time there.

This is inside the Joseph Smith building. Stunning, isn't it?

I don't know the technical name for this door, so I shall call it amazing spinny fun revolving door. Anyways, me and Djee were just walking around when I was this door. I immediately stopped, snapped this picture, then grabbed Dj and went through the door. It was my very first time every walking through an amazing spinny fun revolving door!!!Later that night, we went to Red Robin and they had an awesome door too!!! Gosh, what a day!

I was able to get lots and lots of quality Holly and Tawni time!!! I love this girl so dang much! She's currently a BYU student and now lives 14 hours away from me!! Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time together!

I also had plenty of bonding time with my Djee!!!! I love my brother, and I'm glad that we were able to drive up to Utah together and get to hang out so much! He's such a goof and he always makes me very happy and hyper!

Andy joined in on the fun as well! haha He's so dang crazy! Andy + Holly= crazy, dramatic, over-excited, laugh so hard you cry weekend! Loved it!

I'm so grateful to have been able to go to Utah for a few days. This trip came at a great time for me and I was able to get my mind off of things and enjoy myself! I did, however, miss my roomies dearly!!!! I am glad to be back in T town and back with my roomies!!!!