Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Party (Thatcher)

Saturday night we had a combined birthday party! We had cake, ice cream, cool red and green streamers (celebrating Christmas & Mexico), some Mexicans singing, and tons of friends stopped by.

Here's the birthday girls! Natalie, Cortney, and I. It wasn't technically anyones birthday, but we'll all be gone on our birthdays so we celebrated early.

Worst part of the night, Degen's gift aka swats! OWEEE!!! Look at that paddle! Yikes! He gave me two options: stand and take the swats, or get tackled and held to the ground by lots of guys and get even harder swats. I choose the first option.

Yes it hurt. Yes I screamed. Yes I got to sign that darn paddle afterwards. And yes Natalie and Cortney got the same gift, I just didn't get any pictures of them.
Oh did I mention how much I love Ashley! She's so kind and loving and would never, ever hit me! Wait...... I take that back.

Here's me, Ash, and Degen.

Here's all the mexican colony boys singing us awesome songs in spanish. We enjoyed it!

Axel, Dallin, Weston, and Kaleb. C-Face, TK, and Rachel enjoying the show.

And finally, here's our roomie shirts!
I <3

and Mexico. Audra, Ash, Nat, and TK

Weston came over earlier that day and we showed him our shirts. He asked us if we would make him one if he supplied the shirt. Of course we said yes! We even made one for Dallin as well, although he was way too hesitant to put his on. But we did get him into it finally and got a few pictures!
The girls w/ Weston The girls w/ Weston and Dallin!
Yes the guys' shirts say I <3 502 girls, as in our apartment number. We didn't realize that most people will read the shirts as i love five hundred and two girls and make the boys look like man-sluts. Whoops. WE had a great birthday party and a great saturday night!

Roomie Christmas

Saturday morning we had Christmas with all us roomies. We woke up bright and early (10:00 a.m.) and made pancakes with buttermilk syrup. Then we opened presents!

<----- Here's our lovely Christmas tree and our stocking.

This is our living room after opening presents and during the process of making t-shirts. My present to the girls were t-shirts and t-shirt glue so we could make roomie shirts.
Audra's present to us was mace, or pepper spray. She is very into guns, knifes, and safety. She also bought some rhinestones so we could bling up our cans! Loved it! PS, me and ashley look so pretty in this picture. Try not to be too jealous of our beauty.

Natalie, with the help of her mother, made us
these way cute note boards!!! LOVE THEM!

Here is a preview of our roomie shirts. They all say " I love pacman... and mexico." yes that is all inside jokes so it should not make any sense to you. OH and the 502 stands for us girls. We are the girls of Howard's apartment #502. I'll post pics from Saturday night with all us girls wearing our way awesome shirts!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Smiley face :)

I'm just barely blogging about Thanksgiving. Because I'm a college student and it's almost the end of the semester. Enough said. Over Thanksgiving break my padre took his girls out shooting! I was excited!

Here's Toe working hard. Check out her pants! I found those for her and guess what? They're too long! That has never happened before. They are 37 in. in the legs, wow! I love my extremly tall, skinny, and beautiful lil' sister. And here's Mami, our foreign exchange student from japan. It was her first time shooting. On our way out, she turned to me and said "I am excited, I just don't want to kill animals." I reassured her that our targets were pop cans and old targets. She seemed to enjoy herself after that!

And here's me showing off my mad shooting skills. Don't I look so excited?! Truthfully, I was excited to go out with my dad and work on shooting. I need to improve my skills so JD will be impressed :) I know i'll NEVER match his skills, but it's still good motivation.

I also had lots of quality time with the family! Especially my sisters. We figured out that we have not taken sister pictures since Toe was around the age of 3. So for your viewing pleasure, sister pictures!

Here's the one where we show you our pretty
triple chins.

Here's the one where Shady and Toe thought it would be cool to eat my face. I loved it, as you can tell.

Here we are trying to be normal

Here's the one where we show our appreciation for years and years of braces by showing all of our teeth. Aren't we pretty Mom?

Finally, here's the one where Dad got fed up with us being crazy and suggested that he take the picture while us girls smiled and stood still.

It was a great thanksgiving break!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

snowed in

We got snowed in this morning. I even woke up Tawni and told her the news... she wasn't too happy, but she quickly got over it. Please go to Natalie's Blog to get the full story... it's a good one.

And for those of you who are wondering, i'm not necessarily too lazy to blog about this myself... but natalie had already blogged the whole story and i did not want her efforts to be in vain. So you may want to consider it thoughtful instead of lazy.