Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm bored... so here i go! (A)

1. Do you like blue cheese? I don't think i've ever had it.
2. Have you ever smoked cigarettes? No
3. Do you own a gun? no. sad day!
4. What flavor Kool-Aid was your favorite? all kool-aid! i loved it but mom didn't like to buy it cuz she didn't want carpet stains.
5. Do you get nervous before Dr. appointments? not really.
6. What do you think of hot dogs? i think that they are mmmm good delicious!
7. Favorite Christmas movie? the...the... THE GRINCH!!!
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? milk. or orange juice.
9. Can you do push-ups? yeah... last time i tried anyways... it's not easy though! i'm a weakling!10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? the ring my parents got me from colorado a couple years ago. it's the awesomest
11. Your favorite hobby? reading
12. Do you have A.D.D.? no. hey look, a bunny! haha
13. What's one trait you hate about yourself? i am an expert procrastinator. it's horrible.
14. Middle name? Lois
15. Name 2 thoughts at this exact moment? I'm cold. i should get a blanket
16. Current hate right now? cold
17. Favorite place to be? anywhere with my friends and/or family.
18. How did you bring in the new year? i went to tawni's house and watched 21 and the times square party thing.
19. Where would you like to go? europe, australia, new york, florida... i think it would be easier to ask where i wouldn't like to go...
20. Name three people who will complete this? i dunno... anyone who wants to can, but i'm not gonna ask anyone to do it.
21. Do you own slippers? si
22. What shirt are you wearing? a pink long sleeved one.
24. Can you whistle? yes. casey and jaci taught me how to finger whistle my junior year at the softball state trounament. good times!
25. Would you be a pirate? maybe, but i'd be afraid of the kraken. and i'd want will turner to be my first mate! hehe.
26. What songs do you sing in the shower? i don't really sing in the shower too much. which is weird because i sing everywhere else...
27. Favorite girl's name? as of right now i don't really have one. 28. Favorite boy's name? see 27.
29. What's in your pocket right now? lint
30. Last person that made you laugh? well melissa and i laughed pretty hard at something i said when we were leaving math... so i guess i was the last person to make me laugh.
32. Worst injury you've ever had? i burned my arm with a curling iron when i was really little. i can't remember it, but my parents say it was pretty bad.
33. Do you love where you live? eh... sometimes.
34. How many TVs do you have in your house? 1
35. Who is your loudest friend? pretty much all of my friends are loud. they have to be able to talk over me! lol
36. How many dogs do you have? 2. shelby and trixie. they live with my parents.
37. Does someone have a crush on you? i dunno. perhaps. perhaps not.
38. What is your favorite book? twilight series, harry potter, the host, pride and prejudice, ...pretty much any book i read.
39. What is your favorite candy? chocolate!
40. Favorite Sports Team? d-backs, suns, and i guess i can admit that i'm starting to like the cardinals... now that they're going to the SUPER BOWL!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sociology cuss-count revealed (A)

And the winner is.... Alicia! she guessed 94 and the actual number was 103 (nine of those which were the dreaded f-bomb). in second was jessica, followed by kourtney, then my ma. good race guys! oh and in case you were wondering he did considerably better in tuesday's class. he didn't even make it to 50! is it wishful thinking to believe that the numbers will continue to decrease as the semester continues? probably. but who says a girl can't dream?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

sociology (A)

Thursday in our sociology class i decided to tally how many swear words our teacher used. but before i reveal that number, i'm going to let you guess! fun game, huh? i'll tell you this much, it's somewhere between 50 and 150. good luck!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Best and the Worst...

It's been quite a while since I last blogged. Many of you are probably wondering if our combined blog has been turned into Ashley's very own blog. The answer is no. She is the only one dedicate enough to write more than once a month. But I am sure going to try a lot harder this year to keep updated in the blog world!!! So for my first blog of the new year, I am listing of the top ten things I did over Christmas Break, and the top 5 worst things. Fun eh? haha hopefully it will be. And I'm not going to number which events were better or worse, cuz that could lead to hurt feelings, which is never good.... especially when your sister is 9 months pregnant. I don't really want to make her cry right now. That would be rude. Anyways, Here we go!!!!

Top Ten Best
  • Hanging out with my little sister, Tori!!!! I love this girl! And I love spending time with her. I practically moved back home for a month so once again, we sisters did a lot together ranging from chores, to watching our new favorite show "Bones", wrestling (see picture below), fighting (very minimum), loving on each other, and having slumber parties!

  • I have a new favorite game. BALDERDASH!!!!! Anyone who'se ever played it will know why it is simply amazing. It may look like another, boring board game, but don't be decieved. This game is packed with the most random things ever and each card is sure to bring a laugh to those playing! Like I said, simply amazing. I played this game a lot over the break: with my family, with my family and crazy friends, at lovely Alicia's home. By playing this game, I discovered that me and Shandi think a lot a like. A lot a lot. It's kinda scary......
  • One random Tuesday, Holly, Brock, and I decided to go to Snowflake. Our plans were to do a little shopping for our parents, visit the all famous Andrew Foree, and maybe get some lunch. Our three hour trip turned into twelve hours. After picking up Andy, we had a brilliant idea to go visit our favorite music teacher (Ms. Whipple, I refuse to call her Cynthia..... I just can't do it.) Well, Ms Whipple was on her way home from the valley, so to waste time we figured we would go watch a movie. We got tickets for "Seven Pounds" but had two hours to spare before the showing. Where is the one place you can spend hours at wandering around aimlessly and not get in trouble? That's right, Walmart. Gotta love it! Anyways, after walmart and dodging snow and ice and snow plows! we went to our movie. It was wonderful!!!! I loved it! Will Smith is amazing. Rosario Dawson was amazing. Therfore, the movie was amazing! After that amazing movie, we finally got to see Ms. Whipple! We had some scrumptious chili and burittos and cinnamon rolls and reminesced about our years in high school. By the time we left it was 7:30. I think we reached joe town by 9:00 after dropping off Andy and snapping a few pictures! Overall, wonderful day!

  • Christmas!!!!! I had a very simple, very fun Christmas this year! It was just me and Toe at home, but we still woke up around 7 and ran to the tree with excitement and wonder!!! I mostly got warm clothes for my days up in Flag, but I got this super duper digital camera!!! Oh I love it, without a doubt. I've wanted it for so long! Other than that, I got movies. My friends know me too well. Im a movie fanatic and I always want more. And more is what i got! 7 more to be exact! haha Christmas morning me and Toe set up a play kitchen set that mom got for Tayela. It took us girls a good two hours to put together. Those things are tricky! Shandi, Scott, and the kids came over around noon and we played and had a great time! I love Christmas! I love family!

  • I watched "Twilight" for FREE. No I am not lying, it really did happen. The lovely Roxy theatre in Holbrook was celebrating their 5th anniversary sinch re-opening. Holly, Brock, and I were already planning on going and watching it sometime, but lo and behold, we hear news that they were giving tickets for free. We went, stood in line for ten minutes, we were handed tickets, we took our seats, we enjoyed our free movie. Life was good.

  • I turned 19!!!! Exciting I know! I woke up that day (December 18th for any of you who don't know) and did nothing. I text Brock, he said he shopping with his mother. I called Holly, she said she was home cleaning. My mother called and asked if I would bring Mr. G's to her office and they would celebrate my birthday along with one of her co-workers birthdays. So I went. I came home and sat. I was feeling quite sorry for myself cuz this girl i know, Ashley Bushman, who claims to be my best friend hadn't text or called or anything to say happy birthday... that's just inexcusable. Holly and Brock came over around 4 and we watched "August Rush" together. Then Holly explained that she was needed at her home and would try to come back over later. Brock said he was cold and asked if i would assist him to his home. I went. We stayed there for a very long time doing odd little things. Finally we went back to my house. I walked in and..... SURPRISE!!!! Woo hoo my very first ever surprise party! That's right, Brock and Holly planned the whole thing! Yes he was shopping that morning but it was with Holly! And another surprise, Ashley was there!!!! She walked out all wrapped up in streamers and I started screaming and crying. Yes I was really that upset at her and then so happy!!! haha anyways, it was a great birthday!
  • One of my all time favorite things to do is spend time with family. Who doesn't love that!? Of course I spent lots of time with Toe and my parents, but I am lucky enough to see Shandi and her kids a lot!!! Dj came home for a few days and that was way fun! I did not get to see Andon and Jori or Jaden and Troy. It was sad but hopefully I'll see them sometime soon! I love my family and I thank the Lord everday that I have them for all eternity!!!!

  • One Friday night for a Young Single Adult activity, Holly, Ashley, Dj, Laura, Kendall, Deanna, and I all went bowling! We got there and hour and a half late after being misinformed of the starting time. But we had 4 lanes all to ourselves! It was great fun! Afterwards we went to McDonalds for ice cream and sat around and laughed. We headed home and me and Ash had a little photo shoot with my new camera!! We were both wearing our cool furry jackets so we decided to show them off! gotta love those random, camera happy times!

  • New Year's Eve!! Last year for new year's eve I had friends come over, about ten in all, and we just hung out, played games, laughed a lot, and did whatever. This year, I had and even smaller party. It consisted of myself, Brock, and Ashley. We were small in numbers but made the best of it!! We started off our night by wathcing "21" it's a great movie. Really enjoyed it! Then watched the party from New York Square Time. Lucky we watched that because we were able to get a free Taylor Swift song from Verizon! Awesome, I think yes! All the while we were eating yummy dip and cookies and drinking soda. It was a fun night, simple, yet exciting!

Top Five Worst

(sorry no pictures with these!!)

  • Had my top two wisdom teeth pulled which led to....
  • Getting a sinus infecion which led to....
  • Getting a viral infection which led to...
  • Having a runny nose for 3 weeks and counting!!!!!!
  • Eating, eating, eating!!!!! Those darn Christmas goodies. They get me every year. And being in the home of a bishop, you sure recieve tons of goodies. And I just had to test try every thing. Oh nuts..... its a terrible temptation.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new semester (A)

Classes have started again. sigh. i have two classes with melissa and three with tawni. sadly, carissa and i don't have any together. bummer! while i am pleased that i no longer have 8 a.m. classes monday through thursday, there are some classes that i already do not like. at all. today was my first sociologly class. i still don't even know what sociology really is. our teacher stood in front of the class for an hour and 45 minutes and told us some of his life experiences, most of which involved the use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol. he also informed us that he flunked out of college when he first decided to have a go at it. and now he's teaching at a university? good job NAU! you picked a real winner for sociology 101! ugh. oh, he also told us of his experiences at the university of utah and about all the mormons. it's not like he really put us in a bad light, but he sure made it seem like we had some sneaky drunks amongst us and some extremely nosy bishops who liked to see who from his ward had been at the local bar each night. at least he has colorful language though! tawni and i decided that to get us through the next class we will just tally how many f-bombs he drops. we may get into the hundreds if we're lucky! i also had my first institute class of the semester today. sigh. 5 whole people. kinda lame. i thought my class last semester was small and it had twice as many people! on the plus side for today, my teacher didn't show up for the 2.5 hour journalism class i'm taking. yippee skippy!

yesterday in my communications class our teacher guy showed us this video. twice. it's pretty good, though.

oh and in case you were wondering, i don't take my laptop to class for the reasons in this clip. i know i'd be guilty of facebooking or blogging during a lecture.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

our new friend (A)

We have a new roomie! her name is tia and we just love her to death! well, so far tawni and melissa haven't met her, but i'm sure they will absolutely love her as much as carissa and i do! she's an excellent swimmer, loves basking in the sun and the color green, and doesn't eat very much. she is an amazing individual, and hopefully she will be welcomed by tawni and melissa with open arms (or rather, hands because she is quite small) and hearts.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

home and back again (A)

I guess I've always taken for granted the blessing it is to be home for the holidays. With this being my first Christmas that I've been a visitor at home, well, let's just say it was... weird. Most things about it were the same, like the seemingly endless supply of homemade fudge and caramels we always have after we put together the goody plates for just about everyone in town, but some things were different. This for example:Packing up my stuff to go back to flag was weird. And frustrating! gosh i couldn't even fit all of the stuff I had packed into my suitcase in the first place back into it! Then, i had to put everything in my tiny little car. don't get me wrong, i absolutely love my car, but let's face it, it's not the best for hauling mass cargo. (oh, and please excuse how dirty it is in this pictre. keep in mind that "home" is about a mile down a dirt road. and that's after the snow residue of flagstaff... ugh.) You're probably thinking, "well, at least it all fit in the trunk!" That, my friends, is where you're wrong. i had a kitchenaid and a vacuum in my backseat! all of this took me no less than five trips from my car to my apartment to get it all out of there. i have a feeling my thighs may be a little sore tomorrow due to the fact that i live on the second floor. which brings me to my next point. Does this sign mean nothing to people in my apartment complex? i propose that it does not! I pulled into the parking lot and found that somebody was parked in my space! I told myself that this was the last straw. i had been let down too many times today to let this one slide. so, i called the towing company (whose phone number is conveniently located at the bottom of this sign) and had those covered-parking-space-stealers towed! it was a ver exhilirating experience, and it kind of makes me hope that someone unwelcome parks in my space again just so i can have the pleasure of getting their car hauled off to the... um... well, wherever they take cars that are towed. while i was pleased with myself for having the courage to call that number, it was frustrating to have to park in the back lot. this means that i had to climb more stairs than i would have if my parking space had not been occupied. (it's complicated... you'd have to see where i live to understand.) It also means that i had to hike through more snow and ice than i would have if i would have been able to park in my space. it was frustrating, but i suppose that i did feel better when i left for wal-mart and saw the tow truck with the offender's chevy truck in tow. i think that makes the score ashley: 2 (i get two points because i got to watch the car get taken away and i got the good parking space), improperly parked truck : 0.