Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm not superstitious, I'm just a little stitious

I'm having a bad day. Nothing seems to be going quite right.

Me and JD have been planning on doing baptisms at the temple saturday and I found out I can't since I just colored my hair.

I burned a perfectly yummy batch of sugar cookies.

The wind is blowing. Wind= fiesta for my allergies.

Good news, I took my world of music test and I feel way good about it. My day was looking up until I walked outside and saw this.

That's right folks. My car is trapped in. This is the AP parking lot and its horrible. No parking lines, just rocks and gravel so you get to park wherever your heart desires. I made the mistake earlier this semester of parking in the second row and almost got trapped in. So now I park back a ways and in a wide open space. Well today people decided to invade my space. The red car parked behind me. Okay I can accept that. But then this yellow fellow intentionally backs up to me and blocks me in! Needless to say, I walked home in the wind, grunting and fuming.

While walking home I realized why my day has been a little off. Last night me and Natalie were walking home from kick boxing and a black cat crossed our paths. I'm not really a superstitious person so I didn't think much about it. Less than a minute later a white cat crossed our paths. It just got me thinking. Does the white cat cancel out the black cats negativity? I asked JD about it last night and he said well of course it cancels it out, it's just logical. I agreed.

J, I think our logic was wrong.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

happy birthday to me!

I know, i know, my birthday isn't for like 2 weeks, but i am already celebrating! i got a visit from the ups man the other day and this is what he brought me!!
it's a sentsy!!! isn't it awesome? i probably should have waited to take a picture of it till the wax was melted so it didn't look so funny, but i was just super stoked! and look! it even makes hearts on the wall! not to mention it smells AMAZING. the bad thing about it is that it makes me want cookies all the time.... shoot. but anyway, i was so excited! kourtney and jessica sent it to me for my birthday. thanks guys! and also, thank you to jordan for supplying the sentsy. gosh, i love birthdays!

Friday, February 12, 2010

a happy surprise

I have an amazing boyfriend. i know, i haven't updated a lot of you guys, but i'm the kind of girl who doesn't tell if she's not asked. it really bugs my roommates because they have to pump me for any kind of details about anything. anyway, i got home from anatomy today and i saw this.
don't worry, that went from the front door all the way to my bed (which natalie and audra made for me because i didn't have time to make it this morning. thanks guys, you rock!) here's the rest of it
roses and chocolate. isn't he awesome? there was also a card. i might have cried. ok, i did cry.

don't judge me. i have good reason. Sam is moving tomorrow. He got a job at a mine outside of tucson so he'll be living in tucson from now on. it's safe to say that i am super sad. i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, "gosh ashley, stop being so freakin selfish!" or "the guy has a life of his own!" or "everyone needs money!" or "tucson isn't that far from thatcher!" i know all of these things, and i try to make myself feel better by telling myself these things. sometimes it just doesn't work though. and when i say sometimes, i mean most of the time.

now, if you'll excuse me, i have to go find something to put the rose petals in and redo my makeup.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Great and the Not So Great

Starting off with the great. Most people know that I am ENGAGED! WOOT!! I seriously couldn't be happier. I love him so much!

Here's a quick over-view of the engagement story (since I know all of you are dying to know)

He proposed on Sunday. He suggested that we take a Sunday drive. I was thinking maybe 30 minutes tops. Seems he had other plans because our drive was 4 and a half hours. We went from Snowflake to Heber to Payson to Pine/Strawberry to Winslow to Joe Town. Here we are just starting out. I kind of suspected something was up. Let's say about 75% sure he would propose.

Right before Heber, JD pulled over because he said "the door wasn't shut tight and was whistling." He gets out, gets back in, and hands me gerbera daisies. My fav!!

Outside of Strawberry he pulled over and said he was hungry. Hidden under my coat was a box of chocolates. I open the box, it takes a few seconds, but I eventually notice the ring under one chocolate. SO JD takes the ring, takes my hand, and leads me outside. (See picture below)

There he asked me to be his forever and I full-heartily accepted.

You might be asking yourself: "Did Tawni touch her left hand so gently to his cheek to show off her new rock?" Yep. You better believe I did.

Now on to the not so great. Well, I suppose it can be a great example of how dumb I can be.

Tonight I decided to make pork chops and rice. I put the rice in the microwave for easier and faster results. 4 minutes later, the microwave beeps at me, letting me know its time to stir the rice. I open the door, grab the bowl, and dip the spoon in to stir. THen this happened.

Which resulted in this.

OWEE! Hot plastic and rice/butter is not a good thing to drop on your foot. Luckily i had socks on so the burn isn't too bad. It immediately blistered and starting hurting. I ran cold water on it then Natalie doctored me up best she could.

Note to self: When microwave instructions say use glass, microwavable bowl, FOlLOW those instructions.