Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ashley and I have some pretty big news to share. Well, maybe not too big... but exciting news! It involves change. Lots and lots of change!!!!!! Here's what we've decided to trade and transfer.

We're handing in our ---->
For these little lovelies --->

We're gladly trading in this


For THIS!!! ---->

We'll hopefully turn these faces ---->

Into happy &beautiful faces--->

We're giving up our DEAR friends...


For some more, uh Christ-like ones.


We're willingly leaving behind these days


For what we're hoping will be our ------->
We are handing over our -------->

To become MONSTERS

Yes folks. We are transferring to Eastern Arizona College. And ya know what? We are uber excited!!! After a year of hating everything about NAU and Flagstaff, we are thrilled to move to Thatcher and be around normal, calm, happy people. Me and Ash are both hoping to get back into the choir and possibly the plays. We're excited to have a much larger institute. We're very much looking forward to attending a school with good teachers, who don't use cuss words and naughty things and ideas every class period. Mostly, we're ready for the SUN! We hate snow! Oh golly winters are going to be absolutely wonderful down there! So there's our news. Oh and by the way, that picture above of the christ-like people... yey that's actually EAC's student council presidency. Cool, eh? And one more thing. We are currently looking for housing down there. If any of you happen to know of hear of anything, we would more than appreciate you informing us! Thankyou all! Love from Tawni <3

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WHAT THE..... HOW THE?!?!?!?!?!?!

I just got done watching a comedy festival hosted by Ellen Degeneres and golly I am just stunned! And flabberghasted!! And amazed!!! And in shock!!!! If you have an extra hour or so I highly suggest you watch this! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!


Ellen starts out the show by talking and joking a bit. I love Ellen!! Not in a lesbian way, nothing gross like that. I just highly enjoy her humor! So be patient cuz in part 2 all these crazy talented people come on and perform and it gets amazing! OH I'm just so speechless by everything!!!! Enjoy it and comment so we can discuss this craziness! <3>

Monday, March 2, 2009

............ : ) ............ {tawni}

It's been a darn good while since I've updated but I just haven't had anything exciting to blog about!!! Arg don't you hate when that happens? So quick catch up of the last 3 months. Let's see I had a sinus infection, then an ear infection, then pneumonia. Yep that's about it for my life. Sick and school, sick and school. No worries, I think I'm finally better (if any of you were wondering...) In other news, I just watched the "Happiest Millionaire" for the very first time. My thoughts: I approve. I enjoyed it quite a lot. I still don't understand the fascination of having alligators as pets.... who would ever really do that? That's insane!!! And then that crazy, pshyco butler dude goes and dances in the alligator water tank pond thingy! But other than the alligators, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
On to the next subject! I've been thinking about what I could blog about and I had this brilliant idea. So here's what I did. I went to each of my roommates and asked them to pick a number between 1 and 169. What are these numbers you may ask? Well, let me tell ya. That's how many pictures are saved on my phone. So here's the plan. I'll post the pictures of the number that they each picked and tell about them. Simple enough, yet it will bring me great joy to remember back to those days...

Carissa's pick: number 103

Alright, so Cars here picked a lovely picture of my gerber daisies!!! My favorite flower of all time! This picture is from December 18th 2007 aka my 18th birthday. I had just gotten home from school when there came a knock at the door. I opened it to find my good buddy Stephan Kuhse and lo and behold there were flowers in his hands. What's this? Steph give me flowers? Were you dating? No you were dating Brock at that time! DId you two have a secret love affair? Oh no....... Here's the story. Yes I was dating Brock. No, there was no scandalous affair involved. Brock was living in Thatcher at that time and working. So he couldn't take off a Tuesday to come see me on my birthday. Being the kind and awesome kid that he is, he asked his best bud (Steph) to go buy me some gerber daisies and deliver them to me. I was so pleasantly surprised! Probably one of the sweetest things that's been done for me. Both Brock and Steph made my day!

Ashley's pick: number 72

Ashley's pick was an awesome choice!!! Here you see Carissa, Ashley, and I relaxing in our apartment with our feet propped up on a horse., but not just any horse. Her name is Zelda and she's a super COOL horse! Back in September I went on a date with Lee Dowell. We went to the carnival up here in Flag. We stopped at a booth where you throw these balls into a bucket to win a prize. After 15 throws and $9 dollars later we were rewarded with this huge horse. Lee named her Zelda (I thought it was a boy, WOOPS!). There was a ride down the way and it was about 5 or 6 miniature horses on ropes and walking in circles giving youngsters rides. Well, Lee decided that Zelda needed a picture with the real horses. SO he asked the carnee to stick her in the cage by the other horses and that sweet old man did. Lee got a sweet picture of Zelda and her friends but sadly, I don't have that picture. Golly I'm getting sidetracked. SO the above picture was about a month after I had Zelda and Lee was off to school and BYU Business college. We dedided to take a picture of Zelda's role in our apartment and send it to him. She really made a good foot rest. Now she has a new role. She sits in front of our balcony door and blocks out the cold air that trys to come in.... she is also our guard dog. We love her dearly!

Melissa's pick: number 112

I think that Melissa made the best pick of the night. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Hawaii Temple!!!!!! Oh goodness it is soooo beautiful don't ya think!? I would love to tell you that I took this picture, but that would be a lie and that's not what I stand for. My dearest, bestest friend Ashley was so fortunate enough to go to Hawaii this past summer with her familia. She sent me this picture via the cell phone and then proceeded to rub it in that she was in Hawaii and I was in Joseph City, Arizona. Yeah, you can say I was more than a little jealous. Oh and super bored without her. I absolutely love temples! They are such a symbol of purity and righteousness. Every time I see a temple my motivation is refreshed to someday go inside and recieve all those wonderful temple ordinances and blessings. This picture also gives me great motivation to someday go to Hawaii!!! It will happen, it must happen. I have to see the beauty of the place in person.
SO there you go folks!!! Hopefully that was somewhat fun.... I'll try to update more often. Ashley and I have some big changes coming up in our lives that we will be sure to blog about sometime in the near future!