Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Story TIme part 2

Hey there. You probably thought that we fell off the face of the earth. The truth is, we don't have the internet so I guess it's pretty close to falling off the earth... Well ladies and gents we are official students of EAC and we are loving it!!! Already I fill more comfortable and happier than I ever was at NAU. I'm humbled everyday when I think about how happy I am down here and the Lord was gracious enough and loves me enough to lead me to this place and this joy.
We have lots of super fun pictures that we will hopefully post sometime in the near future, but my camera died a terrible death and Ashree's is currently out of order so you'll just have to be a little more patient with us! To pass the time, I figured that I would share a few stories from the past week.

STORY 1: Last Friday morning, Ashley and I decided to take a bike ride. We rode around town for a good 35 minutes, then we saw Jessica and Julianne on campus so we stopped to talk with them. As soon as we stopped, I realized that I was not feeling very well. I sat on the sidewalk while we talked to Jess and Juli. They left and I attempted to stand up and get back on my bike. Then it hit me that I was not okay. I faintly remember asking Ashley to help me sit back down. I don't remember much from this point forward, so here is the story in Ashley's words. I guess Ashley walked towards me to help me but I kept pushing her away and refusing her help. At one point, I was drapped over her arms. Finally, Ashley gave up and I walked a few feet away and sat down. Then a big, white, EAC School van pulled up. The driver was Gary Sorenson, the dean of students. I remember people grabbing my arms and helping me into the van. Then the cold air hit me and my mind became a little clearer. Gary asked me about where I was from and what not. He drove me to the institute and helped me inside. There was a guy sitting there and Gary introduced himself to this guy named Matt. Then Gary said "Matt, this is Tawni. I'm leaving her in your care until her room mate gets here." So this kind young man named Matt brought me a glass of water and tried to make small talk with a sweaty, stinky, very hot (as in my body was burning up), and very confused looking girl. It was kind of him! Finally Ashley got there. She had a difficult task of riding one bike to the institue, parking it, running back to the other bike and riding it to the institute as well. Matt told me that his car has a bike rake and he would go get it and take me home. And that's exactly what he did. And I am grateful! What a way to meet a guy, huh? haha Some thanks are in order. Thankyou to Gary Sorenson for stopping and helping a distressed friend not knowing what to do with her dilussional (sp?) room-mate. Thankyou to me dearest Ashree for trying to help me sit down and being a super awesome runner and bike-rider! And finally, thankyou to Matt Anderson. The kind man who deserves the title of hero for that day and for every day that he continues to ask me if I am staying hydrated.

STORY 2: Thursday we went to the Library to get our proper library cards and what not. You need to know that the library has those security door ways with the weird detectors. You also need to know that when I entered the library, the alarm did NOT go off. Why do you need to know this? Well, because the alarms did go off when I tried to leave. I'm grateful that there wasn't security guards there ready to tackle me as soon as the alarms went off. Instead, there was two very sweet older ladies who patiently helped me through my ordeal. ONe of these ladies is Kristen Penrod's mother! Well, we went through my whole purse, piece by piece and sent it through. Purse: clear. Keys and cell phone: clear. Junk and pens: clear. My whole self: clear. Wallet: NOT CLEAR! So the problem was my wallet. I sent each of my many cards through along with my money and license and temple recommend. No alarms sounded. It was ridiculous. I grouped some of my cards together and lo and behold, the alarm sounds yet again. The ladies helped me arrange my cards in a manner that it didn't set off the alarms anymore. Thankyou kind library ladies! They got a kick out of the whole thing and thanked me for bringing some excitement into their day. I told them it was no problem, really, I'll try to make frequent visits to the library so I can be stopped by security yet again. Oh I forgot to mention that this whole time, Ashley and Audra are laughing at me. And then for the cherry on top, a guy I may or may not be starting to like a lot walks in and joins my roomies in their laughter. What a lovely day!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

something a little newish

so the other day i was bloghopping (nothing funny or stalkerish, no worries.) and i came across a blog that had more than one person writing on it, kinda like this one! i noticed something quite remarkable about it. every time a different person wrote on it, it said who it was. and not just a simple, "hey this is tom* writing this." no, it said down at the bottom, posted by tom* at 9:42 a.m. on July 29, 2009 *.
i was baffled.
i was jealous.
i wanted that.
now don't give me any of that "thou shalt not covet" stuff, because i just don't think it applies to this here situation.
anywho, i've been hunting and searching (and any other synonym you can think of for hunting) for a way for my posts to say "posted by ashley lois at 9:42 a.m. on july 29, 2009**." and guess what? i found it. sure, i had to set up my own blogspot account and whatnot, but i'm super stoked for this. now you'll know when you're reading my work, and not just by the color of the font, which i left out on purpose for this particular post.
do you smell that?
smells like success to me.
oh, and i had to create a whole now following list and stuff, so if you have a private blog, please do me the honor of leaving your email address here so i can once again read your blog. or read your blog for the first time (hint, hint, Kristal!). I promise i'll delete the addresses as soon as i finish up my business.

*names and dates changed to protect the identity of actual bloggers.
** date subject to change. obviously.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wonderful, Wonderful Day

Don't you love when your world all of sudden starts to make sense again? Don't you love when you finally feel peace after months and months of turmoil and tears? Don't you love the atonement? Don't you love when you get to see friends and family who you haven't seen in ages? Don't you love when your mom takes you to Taco Bell for lunch? Don't you love watching your favorite t.v. shows? Don't you love putting peanut butter on oreos? Don't you love being tan? Don't you love making honey roasted peanuts a meal? Don't you love being plain old HAPPY?

Well, I sure love all those things and I couldn't be more grateful that I experienced them today! I owe everything to prayer. And boy my prayers have been answered today!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cake or Death?

We have returned from our wonderful week at Lake Powell! Me and Ashley like to think that we're pretty tan, even though we had to suffer through a few retched sunburns. Correction, I am still suffering! Boy it hurts..... On another note, I took some pretty cool pictures. On another note, the batteries in my camera died. So until I can replace those and post those pics please enjoy this video. I think we quoted it at least 5 times a day at the lake. We LOVE It! Enjoy!

If this link doesn't work, my sincerest apologies. Just mozy on over to youtube and search "Tea and Cake or Death" by Eddi Izzard.