Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shh... don't tell them!... (A)

So... obviously Tawni and I are the only ones from the Joeflake apartment that use this thing... so... we're taking it over! that's right yo! it's official.  Just take a look around... we're no longer "the joeflake girls." we are now "Ashley & Tawni." i know, i know, it seems a little rude, but let's face it, no one in the blogging world would even know we had roommates if our first post wouldn't have said that it was for all four of us. they let us down. so we let them go. oh... and since we're moving, we're taking it with us! (insert your idea of an evil laugh here. it will fit nicely.)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

sad news. :( (A)

There's no way to sugar-coat this, so i'm just going to come right out and let you guys know.  My sweet little turtle, Tia, died yesterday.  i was very sad.  when i left to go to work at 11 yesterday, she was basking in the light of her lamp, happy as could be.  but by the time i got home at 4, she was... gone.  she had been acting strange for quite some time, so i had taken to checking on her right when i got home from anywhere.  so i checked on her yesterday afternoon. this is how it went. i came inside, took off my shoes, set down my purse and put my apron in my room.  i then walked into the kitchen and looked at tia in her tank.  she appeared to be sleeping. i decided to check on her.



i knocked on the glass.


i shook the whole dang tank.

still nothing.

so finally i reached in and gave her a little nudge.

that's when i knew.  she was gone.

that's when i left.

i didn't know what to do. i texted tawni and told her.  i texted ivan and told him (tia was a gift from ivan).  both were very upset.  i  decided to wait until carissa got home to tell her.  that was about one hour later.  she texted me while i was wandering around target, wasting time.  i went home and broke the news to her. (she hadn't even noticed!)  we decided to go out to dinner and go shopping to clear our minds and to give me the chance to get some retail therapy.  i think it worked, i was quite happy by the time we got back.  then we  put tia in a little box to bury her in (by we, i mean carissa. i wouldn't have been able to do it).  i almost cried.  at least it's a cute box. funeral services will be tomorrow.  probably around 4.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Story Time : )

Story Time ladies and gentlemen!!!!
story #1
Today as I was leaving my apartment and walking towards my car I noticed three young guys sitting on their porch, smoking and drinking like every other under age guy in Flagstaff. I glanced at them, they glanced at me. Then their glances turned into stares. Then they spoke these lovely lines: "Dude I've never seen her before! Look at that dark hair. Oh and its wavy. Nice. That's sexy as hell!" My thoughts: "since when has hell been sexy?" Should I be offended by their comments? I just can not decide. Maybe it was just their choice of words. But what if they had said " that's sexy as heaven!" I don't think I would have appreciated that either. Sexy and heaven shouldn't be used in the same sentence. Beautiful and heaven, yes. But not sexy and heaven. It feels kind of sac-religious and down-right inappropriate! Oh and their comment holds another huge error: my hair is CURLY, NOT wavy. Believe me, I know the difference. Take note of the curls and ringlets my hair loves to form. They sure don't look like waves to me! Someone once described my hair as the spaghetti noodles hair. Woah buddy! Thankyou, I have always wanted to be known as the girl with edible hair! Yeah, I'm as sexy as spaghetti, and proud of it!

Ashley would like to add: " I eat sexy for breakfast!!!!" (If you've seen BOLT, you will understand her thinking)

story #2
As I was sitting in Anthropology yesterday, a strange thing happened. I noticed a girl in front of me and off to the left. She looked terrible. Scraggly hair, blood-shot eyes, crappy choice of clothing, and a beautiful mop of a hair-do on her head. I continued to examine her (anthropology is tedious and painfully boring) and what she did next still has me shaking my head! She reaches into her backpack and pulls out some small squares of white paper and a plastic bag full of eeky brown looking gunk. Yep, right then and there in class she starts rollin herself some dope. My jaw dropped, my eyes bulged from my head. Luckily the teacher was busy writing on the board or she would have seen my face and thought I was having a seizure or somthing. Oh mercy, why do people throw their lifes away on drugs? Better yet, how can a student sit in a university classroom and roll herself dope!!!!!! Ugh I just don't understand the world. Plus side of this story: two weeks and I'm done at NAU!!!!!!!

story #3
Okay, this is not really a story. It's more of an imformative announcement. Our beloved turtle, Tia is sick. We're talking deathly sick people! At first we just thought she was anorexic because she never eats her food. But these past few days, she's taken a turn for the worse. All day long she simply lays on her rocks and soaks in the light from her lamp. That's eat. She doesn't swim. She hardly even moves. Her shell is all dried out and looks disgusting. We have to shake the whole tank for her to even move a tiny bit. So if any of you know how to care for a very ill, little girl turtle, please let us know!

That's all the stories from now! Forgive us for not posting these next few weeks. We'll be studying and writing and stressing over our school work, taking finals, cleaning our apartment, vacating Flagstaff, and maybe a little partying... maybe. Love from Tawni *

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just wondering...

doesn't the old saying go "April SHOWERS bring May flowers"?

That's what i thought...


stupid flagstaff...