Friday, July 24, 2009

and we're off... lake powell! we'll be gone for a week, but try not to miss us too much!

and try not to be too jealous when we come back nice and tan.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

a week of premiers

fasten your seatbelts... it's gonna be a long ride!
1st premier:
harry potter and the half-blood prince! 
tawni, tori and i went to the midnight showing in flag.  This was the first midnight showing for all of us and it was oodles of fun! tawni and i are huge harry potter fans, so we've been planning this for a while... way back when it was still set to come out in '08! tori doesn't even read the books, but likes the movies, so we graciously allowed her to come with us ;).  Tawni bought the tickets about a week and a half ago and made arrangements to stay with stephanie after the show.  (steph was awesome! she and megan couldn't get tickets, but they still let us crash at their apartment, even though they both had to get up early the next day and go to work and we didn't get there until about 2:30! she get's the awesome friend award!) We were planning on leaving right after institute, which gets over around 8. but then we got some shocking news around 6:30. there was already a huge line! so we skipped institute (i know... we're sinners) and headed to flag right away... well, after i had finished packing... We got to Harkins a little before 8 and only had to wait outside for about an hour before they put us in a theatre.  then there was A LOT of waiting.  very very boring.  but there were some... um... unique people around us to keep us entertained and remind us why we decided to leave flag in the first place!  the group sitting in the row in front of us was playing uno.  that was the foulest game of uno i've ever heard! i guess it wouldn't have been so bad if one of the girls in that group didn't have a voice like a banshee... another group in front of us was playing catch-phrase. i can still hear the beeping of their timer sometimes. and i don't even want to discuss the couple behind us. let's just say i think that they may have mistaken the theatre for a hotel room.  they were all over each other. the whole 3 hours we had to wait inside.  awkward, much? the movie finally started and it was worth it, though.  it did have quite a bit of differences from the book and i wonder how their gonna pull off the last movie, but i liked it.  it was definitely the funniest harry potter movie yet.  Tawni was sick for the first half of the movie, but she was a trooper and toughed it out.  bravo! (whew... that was long, eh?)

premier 2:
17 Again.
so this may not seem like a big deal... but i loved this movie! Kourtney, tiffany and i watched it at our hotel this weekend (details on why were at the hotel coming up next!) and decided to watch it to kill a little time. it was so good!  i haven't really ever been a big zac efron fan because of the whole high school musical thing... but he earned some respect from me for this movie! he played his part so well! it was really funny and really cute too. i suggest you see it.

premier 3:
That's right! wicked the musical! it was ah-freakin-mazing! Kourtney, my mom and I were originally gonna go, but my mom's surgery date got moved, so Tiff went with us instead (mom's still recovering, poor thing).  goodness, i don't even know where to begin... i just loved it all so much! the vocals, the dancing, the costumes, the music... it was all wonderful! it was my first time ever being to a production like this and i can't wait to go again! i listen to the music from it all the time, but it was so cool to be able to experience it live! and the story was awesome.  i'll admit, i shed a few tears at the end.  we had really good seats, too. row 24, right in the middle. i loved it so much! it's always been a dream of mine to see a broadway show in new york, and this came pretty dang close (i think)! it was just so amazing!  i would go see it again in a heartbeat! no questions asked.  there is just way too much awesomeness to tell about wicked! it was definitely the highlight of my week.

so there you have it. harry potter, 17 again, and wicked. if you ask me, not a bad week at all.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


ok so i've been trying to make this blog very cute and stuff... but i've failed! i tried to do cute fonts as seen on erin's blog, but i screwed up royally and i'm just sick of it right now! ARGGGHHH!!! so i'm gonna take a step back and take a break for a while.  hopefully our blog will be cute sometime tomorrow... but for now... please just ignore the lameness and plainness of it all.  i promise i'll fix it when i'm not so frustrated!