Sunday, February 8, 2009

twenty twenty twenty five. (A)

Ok, so i already did this once on facebook, but kourtney tagged me, so i decided to do it again! i'm even going to try and think of new stuff.

1. I don't chew gum. My jaw pops a lot, so i decided to lay off the gum. it doesn't bother me as much. go figure, eh?

2. My favorite show is the office. oh goodness i owe lee dowell so much! he introduced tawni and me to it way back when we first moved to flag. we've been addicted ever since. in fact, we're watching it right now. that's what she said.

3. it really bothers me that my conditioner is always gone before my shampoo. how does that happen? i even try to use lots more shampoo than conditioner, but alas, my shampoo is always in surplus.

4. Carissa made me a heat baby. i love it. it keeps me oh so warm.

5. it snowed today. i was very upset because the snow from the last storm was finally going away and then it just had to go and get all yucky and white again! AHHH!

6. I find it almost imposible to sleep with socks on. i just can't stand it. even if i do somehow fall asleep while wearing them, they never stay on the whole night. the weird thing is, i never remember taking them off when i wake up...

7. i like crunchy peanut butter WAY better than creamy. that little extra peanutty zest just makes my day. except for on oreos. then creamy is the way to go.

8. dr. seuss is one of my favorite authors. seriously. i did a research paper on him my junior year.

9. i'm always cold. i tell people it's because my internal heating is broken. i think that that just might be true.

10. sometimes i feel like i don't fit in at NAU. maybe cuz it's just so dang hippie and liberal and snowy.

11. i wish i knew how to snowboard. zach was supposed to take me... still hasn't happened...

12. i think mcdonald's would get a lot more business if they served breakfast all day long.

13. i want to learn the single ladies dance that beyonce does. how awesome would that be?

14. right now i hope it keeps snowing so we have a snow day tomorrow. super? i think yes.

15. i wish life was like a musical. i think it would be so awesome if everybody could just randomly burst into song with no rehearsals and perfect harmony. if only, if only.

16. it really bothers me when people wear black shoes with brown outfits or the other way around. does matching mean nothing to these people?

17. melissa and i made an awesome graph in our math class. we got 15/15 points. and our teacher wrote "nice!!" on it. it's on our bulletin board.

18. we have no chocolate in our apartment right now. i'm craving chocolate.

19. i always wanted to pop all of the keys off of the laptops that were in ms. bowler's room in high school. i also wanted to see how far back i could bend the screen before the whole thing busted into two pieces. i don't have those urges now that i have my own laptop.

20. i don't watch scary movies now that i don't live with my parents anymore. see, my daddy could always scare off the ghosties and crazies for me, and now that i'm forever and a half away, that wouldn't be so easy. thus, i steer clear of the scary flicks.

21. i got to serve the italian olympic swim team dinner a couple weeks ago at the sizz.

22. i'm a movie junkie. i love seeing new movies. and old movies. basically any movie. they make me happy.

23. spiders scare me. my mom always tells me not to be afraid of them because they are smaller than me, but i just can't help it. they are frightening.

24. i am addicted to minesweeper. i play it a lot. maybe i just like the challenge of making my winning percentage higher. i don't know. i just like it.

25. i love harry potter, and i'm not ashamed. they are seven of the best books i've ever read. the movies aren't to shabby either. i aslo have harry potter scene it. first and second editions.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

guess who came to visit?! (A)

Yogi the Bear came to visit us last night! Tawni thinks he's number one!

He's pretty awesome. He even went outside on our balcony to talk to our neighbor Blair. Hopefully Cory doesn't get too jealous when he sees this one...
Bustin some moves.

Here's Yogi showin off his muscles. grr baby.

He can do the splits! Go Yogi!

AWWW! Tawni and Cars love him!

Melissa was gone somewhere with Lizzie, so we decided to show her how much fun she was missing by letting Yogi try out her bed. I think he found it suitable.

He's a beautiful princess.

I think this is what he felt like by the time he left... Sorry!