Monday, June 29, 2009

Riddle Me This?

How do you entertain yourself for 36 hours of driving? Reading: check. Talking: check. Sudoku, sleeping, singing, eating: check check check and check. But the biggest entertainment of all? Taking pictures of course! half-way through our first day of driving, I decided to take pictures of the coolest and craziest names on the road signs! For your enjoyment, I give you my results! Have fun pronouncing some of them. Enjoy the awesomeness of the others!
I find this to be ridiculous!!

Pretty awesome, huh?

*HINT: This one rhymes with my last name!

Personal Favorite!

Curb Appeal

I returned from Georgia well over a week ago and I'm just now posting pictures. Sorry, 1800 miles of driving kinda makes you a wee bit tired! Here's a few facts about our journey home:
1800miles, 36 hours, 3 days, 7 states (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona), 5 people, 2 vehicles. Overall the trip was pretty good. We didn't see one accident our entire trip, which we consider to be a great blessing!!!!

Now onto the title of my post. Every single home out in Georgia has amazing curb appeal! I was blown away by how gorgeous houses were! Even trailers look amazing out there, partly because they have luscious green lawns that they only have to mow once a week to maintain. One day we were driving through the small town of Sylvester just to look at houses. I snapped a few pictures of my favs. I didn't take too many because some people were watching and probably wondering why the heck I was taking pixs of their homes.

This one is actually an old plantation home!
This is not a home. This is a mortuary. This is where the services were for both my granny and grandaddy. Madre says it's beautiful inside!

And this ladies and gents' is my all time favorite home! It was right across the street from Fred's (similar to ALCO or Family General store). I think I stared at this house for a good ten minutes. I have concluded that this is my dream home. I'll save this picture for future references. When/ if that certain man in my life tells me that he'll build me a home, I'll whip out this photo without a moments hesitation!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Georgian Journey

Good: There is green EVERYWHERE!!!!
Bad: I feel claustrophobic (sp?) because I can't see in front of me for miles and miles....

Good: My back is doing quite well, very little pain
Bad: My allergies just kicked back in.

Good: This is my third visit to Georgia. Last time I was here I was 8.
Bad: This will possibly, most likely be my last visit.

Good: There is grass everywhere!
Bad: There are sand fleas Everywhere!!

Good: My grandparents live in a house built over 100 years ago!
Bad: The water tank is tiny which equals very, very short showers...

Good: The weather is beautiful which allows me to wear shorts everyday.
Bad: Mosquitoes and knats have a feast with me everyday.

Good: My hair IS NOT, I repeat IS NOT frizzy and huge out here! It's minding its manners and curls up quite pretty most days.
Bad: I need to shave my legs, but my shower time doesn't allow such actions...

Good: Mostly everyone here has that awesome twangy southern accent!!
Bad: I randomly start talking with that accent which is a bad idea since I'm absolutely retched at it.

Good: I'm spending lots of quality time with my madre and toe and the grandparents and tons of relatives out here in the south!
Bad: I miss my dad, and Shandi & her fam, and my kitty, and Ashree, and dirt, and dry air, and walking barefoot in the dirt/grass.

Well folks, my Georgian journey is half-way through. We start our trek back home hopefully on Tuesday! See ya'll in a week!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


getting a little... cozy... on the love seat... 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

why we laugh at disney channel stars

the title of this post may bring some ideas to your mind, such as their lack of acting skills, performance skills, musical skills, or just skills in general.  i know that there are some exceptions (i'm trying real hard to think of some... i might have to get back  to you on that one), but these reasons are nothing to laugh at compared to what i have witnessed.  

last night Tawni was texting me and told me where to find something very funny.  joe jonas dancing to single ladies. in a leotard. and high heels.  sigh. it was the absolute funniest thing i have ever seen.  my dad had to remind me to breathe.  oh goodness. if you share my lack of respect for disney channel tween stars, just hop on over to youtube and type "joe jonas single ladies" in the search bar.  it's the first result, and, trust me, it is well worth your time. i watched it twice.  

oh and while you're youtubing, search for the guy who danced to single ladies on the bonnie hunt show.  his first name is shane.  pretty impressive.  not as funny as joe, but more talented in the area of single ladies dance moves.