Monday, May 25, 2009

watch my corn pop up in rows (A)

well we're officially out of flagstaff.  can you hear the chorus? Hallelujah!  we are very happy to be back in good ole joe city!  and for me, being back in joe city means being back on the farm!  last week i helped my dad plant the corn.  it was a long process.  we started one afternoon at about 3:30, stopped that night at about 9, and then we were back at it the next day from about 11:30 till 4 (i drove the tractor down to the field. it was my first tractor driving experience. i rocked.). this is what we stumbled upon within the first five minutes we were at the field. 

don't worry. it was dead. and rigamortis. and gross. yech. i hate snakes.  if only it was a rattle snake, then the deadness of the thing would have been all the sweeter.  sigh. here's  the man of the hour(s) doin his thing. sing with me now... he takes the tractor another round

another round...

well, the planter decided it had had enough the first day.  and who can blame it? dad says grandpa probably bought it new. that thing has planted its fair share of fields! so we borrowed a planter from a neighbor.  i don't think that thing has been used in a couple years... we had to clean out the rat's nests, grease it up a bit, and air up the tires.  but i think it was all worth it in the end.  it was bigger, so it got the 12 remaining rows done in no time.  we finally got done (after it started raining) and i was beat.  i don't think i'll ever blame my dad for being so tired all the time.  he is such a hard worker! oh, and here's blaine! we hung out at the bottom of the field till dad came down and needed a refill on the goods.  
we also chased cows and closed gates. we're pretty awesome ranch/farm hands. wouldn't you agree?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What to do on a Thursday night in Flag

Last Thursday me and Ashley had a wonderful idea. We had a wonderful, exciting idea! Earlier that day we had gone to Sonic and gotten free Route 44 Vanilla Dr. Peppers! Thanks Shandi for showing me that lovely little trick! Anywhoo, we drank and drank all day. Then came our brilliant idea! I'll just let the pictures tell the story...

 Then we got a little silly with Ashley's   cool computer...

We call this one "The Asian and the Banana."

Well, that's about it for our night! Oh the joy of cheap thrills! We love it! We had a grand ol' time.  We're already planing our next occasion when we get to wear cups in our hair again. Maybe we will actually go out in public this time!