Sunday, March 7, 2010

Date with the Bride of Frankenstein.

Meet Frankenstein's bride. She is lovely. Great personality, with a beautiful spirit.

Lovely right? Last Wednesday I was honored to have a lunch date with her. We opted for Arby's. Roast beef cheddar sandwiches = happiness!

For dessert: Airhead Sour Strips. They were especially sour that day.

In hopes that we would burn off our lunch, we decided to walk around WalMart.

Many stopped and stared at the bride's beauty.

We were pleasantly surprised to be visited by Lollipop Girl when we got back!

Later that night, Bride and Lollipop girl walked in the much anticipated EAC Cosmetology Hair show. They looked stunning!

They were so excellent. They even helped their hair stylist win first place for the show! WOOT!

To Lollipop Girl: You're awesome, last thing I'm going to say.
To BRIDE: You're pretty chill. Thanks for the date!


Ashley Lois said...

gosh, those girls are so cool. you're so lucky that you got to hang out with them!

Jessica said...

first place! Woo hoo!