Monday, March 1, 2010


my birthday was on monday.

let's just say that three tests and school all day can really put a damper on your birthday.

oh well. i still had a pretty rad day. (yeah, i just said rad. i was surprised, too.) i went to FHE after i got done with school and we played pin the tail on the donkey (because i turned 7) and had some cake that sister morris made. it was pretty sweet and stuff.

i would have to say that the weekend before my birthday was way better. i went home and this guy came with me.
he met my family, and amazingly was not scared away. haha jk, my family's not bad, in fact, i think they are pretty great! we got there on friday, had a really yummy dinner on saturday (sweet n sour chicken, my FAVORITE), with two delicious cakes made by jessica, and headed home on sunday after sacrament meeting. it was a good weekend. and when i got home, this was waiting for me... (ps, act like the pictures aren't sucky cell phone picutres, k? thanks.)
aren't my roommates so cool? i think they are :) they streamered (i just made that word up) my bed. looks harmless enough, right? wrong. here are a few views from the inside.
yeah, it criss-crossed pretty much my entire bed. getting in there wasn't bad, but getting out was pretty tricky.
so i decided that i couldn't live with all these streamers surrounding me. think they used enough? that was a stinkin HUGE pile of streamers!
sigh. i think i'm gonna like being 20. :)


Allen and Terri said...

We had the best weekend too, looking forward to your next visit. Happy B-Day we lova u.

Jessica said...

Your roommates are so fun! I'm so glad you got to come home for you birthday! Also you should have totally posted the super cute pics I took of you and Sam too! ;)

Blake and Jordan said...

I like the picture of you & Sam! Super Cute! I feel like we're so old! kissing our teen years goodbye is a bit depressing! Hope you had a great day! Happy Birthday Ash!